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We help cannabis entrepreneurs win business licenses to cultivate, manufacture and dispense cannabis. 

Applying for a cannabis license is a complex and detailed process that has become much more competitive due to the limited number of licenses that states issue and the volume of submissions they receive.  It is normal to underestimate how much work goes into the process.  The regulations and laws are always changing and the industry is still fairly new. States may not issue additional licenses until the program has matured and you may only have 1 chance to apply for a license.  So your only option is SUCCESS!

What We Do


Research the Law


Understanding the legislation, rules and requirements is critical 




Start your Business

We'll write a Pro Forma and business plan, help you structure your business for financial success and be there with you every step of the way

Have the Right Team 

A team of seasoned professionals with a history and background in cannabis applications

Have the Right Team 

A team of seasoned professionals with a history and background in cannabis applications

Application Submission 

We develop a comprehensive plan tailored to your states regulations and submit a custom created application for you  

Some Questions to Consider

  1. In what state, county, or jurisdiction do you want to start your cannabis business?

  2. Do you know the cost of real estate or energy in your geography? Often your biggest expenses.

  3. Do you understand the municipalities compliance requirements? 

  4. What will be your competitive advantage?

  5. Do you understand your target market?

  6. What is your current business experience?

  7. What experience do you have in the cannabis industry? And do you know how to plug those gaps?

  8. What do you want your cannabis business to achieve in 1-5 years? 5-10 years?

  9. Do you have a plan for scaling and/or compression?

  10. Do you have a plan to combat or offset falling prices and a more crowded marketplace?

  11. Where do you need the most amount of help?

  12. How do you define success?

How to get started...

Send us a note and include what state you're looking to apply for a license in and a little bit about your self and business. We'll reach out to you and take it from there...

Thanks and we will reach out to you shortly!

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