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PMG is a second-generation land development, real estate brokerage, investment and capital resourcing company that was originally founded in 1997. Our team is located in Denver, CO but our projects take us all around the country.  We are comprised of highly skilled and experienced land developers, financial analysts, accountants, project managers and real estate professionals that bring experience and enthusiasm to every project. Our team is dedicated to creating a connection between the project, community and the people we are fortunate to work with that will last for generations while providing recurring cash flow.

With over 50 years of industry experience, we bring added value to every project by properly structuring, planning and executing our client's visions while ensuring a profitable return. Our team sources the capital, structures the project and utilizes specialized project management techniques to oversee planning, design, cost, and quality for a timely delivery of your project.

Our team prides itself on our connections within the real estate, finance and development/construction communities as well as the political and economic development sectors. We will guide you from initial conception to successful completion through our unwavering customer service, strategic vision, business savvy and accountability. We strive to set an industry standard and look forward to working with you!

Snowy Mountains

A Little About Us...

Austin Handley

As Managing Partner, Austin is a dedicated Land Developer and Real Estate Investor Focusing on Residential, Commercial and Multi-Family Projects with a deep background in Real Estate Development.

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Danny Pomirchy

As a Partner and Vice President, Danny oversees PMG's Real Estate Brokerage, Account Development and Capital Resourcing. His experience stems from over 15 years in Finance, Real Estate, Software, Operations Management and Construction.

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Pole Creek Rendering - 10.21.2019
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